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We believe that one should share a little. 

In South Africa, as in many other countries, one doesn’t have to look far to see people less fortunate than oneself. Not everyone has been dealt the same deck of cards in life or have been offered the same opportunities and yet often a small contribution in resources and skills can make an enormous difference in the lives of others. We believe that one should share a little of what one has for the benefit of everyone on this planet.

Pinto Youth
Pinotage Youth Development Academy

The idea for the Academy came about as a result of a chance meeting between the Dame Hilary Cropper Foundation’s trustees and a young man who was working in a winery tasting room. His knowledge of the process of wine-making was impressive and his enthusiasm for the industry was evident. The trustees asked whether he had received any formal training. He explained that, due to his family situation, he had been unable to pursue further education after he matriculated. However, while working in a restaurant, he met the Sales Director of a local winery who recognised his potential and offered him a job. It was here that he learnt all he knew about wine and his talents were realised.

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Play Your Part Campaign

Play Your Part is a national initiative that encourages all South Africans to contribute to positive change

Playing his part in building South Africa’s future Riffel partnered with Ngwenya Glass, in 2010, to create the Reuben & Ngwenya Glass Collection, available at the country’s home ware chain, Boardmans. Five percent of all proceeds from the collection’s sales go to the Peninsula School Feeding Programme, which provides a nutritious meal a day to school pupils, ensuring they can concentrate in class.

Swaziland-based Ngwenya Glass’s artisans produce handmade, mouth-blown drinking glasses from 100% recycled glass.

Reuben’s is also a participating restaurant in Street Smart; the initiative adds R5 to every restaurant bill, with 100% of this being donated to organisations that work with street children.

Good food, good wine and good works, and a permanent position as a judge on popular cooking show Masterchef, mean Reuben’s, and Riffel, will top South Africa’s culinary charts for a good while.

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Peninsula School Feeding

From November 2010 the Reuben & Ngwenya Glass colllection became available at Boardmans with 5% of all proceeds going to the Peninsula School Feeding Programme. As the name implies, this organisation provides balanced meals to school children from underprivileged communities.

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Hope Through Action

Hope Through Action

Changing lives bringing hope. Hope Through Action was specifically created in 2007 to bring about an imaginative and life changing initiative for young people in South Africa. We use sport as a medium, not only to develop positive life skills, but also physical ability, to assist young people in coping with difficult realities.

Reuben on Hope Through Action

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Sustainability Institute

Sustainability Institute

Surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the Cape’s towering mountains and rooted in an agricultural community needing to break free from its’ racial past, the Sustainability Institute provides a space for people to explore an approach to creating a more equitable society that lives in a way that sustains rather than destroys the eco-system within which all society is embedded.

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Paarl School

Paarl School – Ambassador

A resource centre in the Northern suburbs of Cape Town where the neurally disabled child is guided, supported and assisted to, despite disadvantages and learning disabilities, reach their full potential.

Paarl School subscribes to a Christian ethos with Afrikaans and English as teaching languages.

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